Uplink Security

UPLINK SECURITY SERVICES LTD is a company founded in 2005 with mixed Serbian-American capital.
The principal aim of the founders is to offer full suplly in the field of security services in the local market using extensive management experience gained in the U.S.
Concepts and solutions brought from the U.S., a quality selection of personnel, as well as their constant training, create a solid foundation for achieving high quality services.

In addition to our primary focus on ALARM and VIDEO MONITORING SERVICES, we have created a good basis for the provision of SECURITY GUARD and MONEY ESCORT SERVICES.

We achieve the high quality of services for our client by specializing various needs.
The training of the staff and the organization of the company is based on three main concepts:

1) HOME SECURITY ( providing security solutions to homes)

2) SMALL BUSINESS & RETAIL ( providing security solutions to retail stores, restaurants, craft workshops and facilities for various service industries)

3) LARGE BUSINESS & INDUSTRIAL ( providing security solutions to large businesses)

In addition to the permanent training of staff and monitoring global trends in the field of technical security, we are proud to be one of the very few companies in Serbia that can boast of successful performance and presence in the international market.

Since 2008. UPLINK has been working on several large and important projects in Equatorial Guinea (west Africa). For the purposes of investors on objects: CCEI bank G.E. – Malabo; Business and residential complex – Venus – Malabo; Europ Car – representative office Malabo; Lufthansa – representative office Malabo; BGFI bank Malabo.


We have designed, delivered, installed and put into work technical security systems such as:

  • The video surveillance system CCTV (Mobotix, Axis)
  • Fire detection and alert system ( Labor Straus Technik)
  • Anti-theft system (Paradox)
  • Access control system (Haffele i Protege)
  • Intercom system (Bitron)
  • Satellite TV system (Triax components)
  • Information system (Cisco, Neatgear)
  • Integration system (ICT)

We are currently in final negotiations about engagement project Malabo “Airport City”. More information about the project you can find in this video presentation: